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Ezekiel what?

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What’s so great about Ezekiel Bread?

* No added sugar

*Made from organic, sprouted whole grains

*Contains 4 grains: wheat, millet, barley and spelt (note: these contain gluten)

*Contains 2 types of legumes: Soybeans and lentils

*Complete source of protein

*Contains 18 amino acids

*Increases absorption of minerals

*Increased Vitamin C and B's

*Great source of fiber

*All grains and legumes are organically grown

*What does sprouted mean? A sprouted seed is a seed that has begun to grow. It's between a seed and a plant.

*Sprouting increases the amount of healthy nutrients

*Sprouting reduces the amount of harmful anti-nutrients

Ezekiel bread can be found in the freezer section of grocery stores and health food stores.

**Just because it's full of nutrients, at the end of the day its still high in carbohydrates.

For weight loss most want to give up or decrease the amount of bread in ones diet.

If your unwilling to give up bread EZEKIEL bread is definitely a healthier choice.

Just because it's healthy does not mean you can eat excess amounts of it and still maintain a healthy weight!!!Portion size, portion size, portion size is the key!!!

So next time your in the grocery store there is no need to get confused by the large variety of processed, sugary, chemically added bread isle, just head to the feezer and grab some Ezekiel bread. Best pick: Ezekiel sprouted grain bread by Food for life.

REMEMBER: No matter what the packages say, make a habit and read your food labels!

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