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Empowering women through exercises and healthy nutrition

Today’s society has a huge influence on our young girls placing a lot of pressure on them to look a certain way. TV, magazines, radio and social media make it even harder to break away from all those influences by constantly portraying flawless women with “perfect” bodies. These social ideals can be so unrealistic that a young girl can quickly loose self-esteem and confidence making them feel like they don’t measure up.

Un-realistic expectations start to cause anxiety and stress, which further sets them back from becoming healthy. Getting in shape through fitness and nutrition should be about the desire to achieve a healthy life style. It should not be about replicating the air brushed, and photo shopped models of some they see on social media and magazines.

As women we often don’t make time for ourselves, but yet we make time for everyone else while our bodies and our spirit start to fade away. The hardest part for women is loving themselves enough to put themselves and their health first, they become strong enough to help others more efficiently. The first step is realizing you’re worth it and making those steps to start loving yourself as much as you love everyone else.

A lot of women come to me looking for help, searching for answers, feeling insecure and embarrassed about “letting themselves go” by putting everyone in front of their own needs and health. Women are born with the instinct to be caregivers, often forgetting about them selves. I love my job because I have the ability to help others take back the power they hold inside and bring it out through exercise and nutrition. Women can feel insecure, deflated, battered, broken, and embarrassed. The long lasting effects of always putting themselves on the back burner is now coming out through many other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, cancer, hair loss, skin changes and so much more.

I love helping women by teaching them to celebrate their bodies again, recognize their strengths (which go so much further than physical strength), ignite their personal power, and awaken them to see and acknowledge the true limitless potential they carry inside.

Exercise and eating healthy can help women look great, feel stronger psychologically and physically, and gain confidence to take on the world!

You start to love yourself again. When you love yourself you make time for exercise, proper nutrition to fuel your body efficiently creating a confidence in oneself that explodes. Loving yourself makes you a better mother, wife and friend without the feeling of being deflated drained and broken, you women become more efficient at work, and in climbing the ladder of success. ~Sgt.Cyndi

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