It’s just you and me!  I will help you find the focus, energy and motivation you need to exercise and make fitness a part of your healthy life style.  We begin with an initial assessment to determine your individual fitness goals during our training sessions. From this I will design an exercise and nutritional program for your individual needs and goals. Health history, prior injuries, and any limitations you may have will also be addressed at the assessment. I will teach you to push yourself out of your comfort zone safely to help you reach your fitness goals.  All training sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Programs are typically designed to include strength training, endurance, core strength, balance, stretching and any post rehab exercises you may need while keeping all your goals in mind.



Get the benefits of personal training at a significant cost savings by exercising with a small group.
You will get the support and encouragement of others in your group and an experienced trainer to help you stay motivated and focused. Up to 7 people can be placed in your group. Training with a group creates a fun atmosphere where everyone can meet their own fitness goals.  So bring a friend and enjoy the experience at half the cost of a private personal training session.



A work out that’s twice as fun! This is an interactive program incorporating exercises you can do as a couple while keeping in mind you will work together under the guidance of an experienced personal training and having a blast doing it! Partner exercises are used to increase overall strength and endurance, core stability and flexibility. Each program will keep in mind your individual goals, prior injuries, and/or health conditions. I will progress each of you at your own pace so that couples at different fitness levels will be challenged to get out of their comfort zone and achieve their fitness and nutritional goals together.  This is a great way for you and your partner to spend quality time together getting fit and healthy.



I routinely work with clients who have had prior injuries and pick up where physical therapy leaves off. Once your doctor and physical therapist have completed their work, it is important to continue post –rehab exercises with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.  This is to continue improvement in the strength and flexibility of an injured joint or limb…common injuries are shoulders, knees, neck and back.



You’re not getting older you're getting more fit. It’s never too late to get into shape, improve posture, create a stronger more flexible body to keep you in shape to enjoy your golden years. We see too many unhealthy, out of shape individuals just accepting the fact that they're older and this is what their bodies should be doing….nothing….they couldn’t be more wrong!!!! Getting up, moving around, and staying active is one of the best possible things you could do for your body, yourself and your family! I want to help you live independent and healthy life.

           Generation X


Today exercise has finally become more of a priority to the young and old. As we get older, staying in shape just isn’t as easy as it used to be (there are many reasons for this). As we get older, we tend to become less active as our family and work obligations get in the way. Because of our life style we tend to develop arthritis, hip, shoulder, neck, knee and back problems. Postural issues are becoming more and more apparent as the 20th century has brought more computer use, causing our back and shoulders to slouch forward, hamstrings to shorten and bringing our metabolism to a halt.
This generation has great results when working with an experienced personal trainer who understands how to approach the fitness needs of an aging population, while keeping in mind any health issues and or past and present injuries.
When we hit age 30 our bodies tend to lose approximately 1 pound of lean muscle mass a year, even more so in our 40’s and 50’s, which slows down your metabolism and increases body fat.  Our bodies also become less flexible. The majority of all these aging issues stems mostly from becoming less active! Sedentary!
Going out and buying the latest fitness video, or trying it on your own at the local gym can set you up for injuries. When working with me, I will help you safely achieve your fitness goals. 



An initial assessment is crucial for me to set up a proper training and nutritional program.
A series of fitness measurements and tests will be done to determine your current fitness level which include:

• Circumference measurements 

• Resting heart rate

• Weight

• Medical history

• Physical history

• Health concerns

• Goals
• Base line Fitness test 

• Questions answered
• Nutrition 
• Body fat (at additional fee)


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