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Eat two vegetables per meal everyday! (Jan 17, 2014)

That’s right two veggies per meal everyday for the weekend or as long as you like (preferably forever). Remember you should be eating smaller portions for 5-6 complete meals a day.

“Breakfast” (Meal 1)

“Snack” (Meal 2)

“Lunch” (Meal 3)

“Snack” (Meal 4)

“Dinner” (Meal 5)

“Snack” (Meal 6)

Here’s how you know how many times a day you should be eating: Divide the time your awake (lets say 15 hours) by 3. So if you’re up for 15 hours you can aim for 5 meals a day. If this is the case eliminate Meal 6.

Ok so here are your Rules for this weekend challenge:

  • Eat two veggies per meal everyday. You’re allowed to replace one of those veggies with a fruit no more than twice a day.

  • Any fruit or vegetable found on the dirty dozen list which can be found at under nutrition tab. These should be bought in organic. Other then them, you can buy normally but make sure you wash well.

  • Choose any veggie or fruit you want keeping in mind by the end of the week you want to eat a “Rainbow”

  • When eating fruit try to eat as much of the "white part" closest to the skin to get as much fiber as you can.

  • Of course I must throw a bit of a wrench in here: limit corn, carrots and potatoes as much as possible if you’re trying to lose weight.