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Here is a HIIT workout that has basic exercises but done with a high intensity.

You must warm-up prior to work out

Make sure you go over all exercises prior to start, so you know what your doing and you dont have to all (except for a sip of water, taking no longer than 15 sec)

Your going to complete the following exercises 5x without stopping except for a quick 15 sec break for a total of 15 minutes!

Mountain climbers 30 sec

Rest 15 sec

Body weight squats (air squats) 30 sec

Rest 15 sec

Jump lunges (MaryCatherines) or modify with alt. lunges 30 sec

Rest 15 sec

Burpees (squat thrust without the push up) 30 sec

rest 15 sec

repeat at the top right away!! Do this 5X's