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Weekend Challenge.......Stop eating when your full....

This can be very difficult for some people, but what I tell my clients is to gross themselves out by the food. Once you have eaten your proper portion size try to visualize something that is not appetizing such as a hair ball, lard, cellulite.....etc

Roll up your napkin and push it in the food or pour water over your food

I know it sounds a bit crazy but it truly works....

for me I like cake, I always bake a cake for my kids birthdays and in the past I noticed how all of us would pick at it.......we weren’t hungry it was just there and tasted good so we would eat it.....

For the past several years I do things a bit different, now it may sound terrible or even cruel to some of you, but try it it really works!

anyway, after I bake the cake and spend hours decorating it I serve everyone a piece and then I take the cake and throw it out. If someone requests a piece to take home to family members or others I will wrap some up and send it right on out of It's true If its not here I’m not going to eat it!

There are many other tricks you can do instead, whether your home or out to eat...but I thought I would shock you.....and tell you my little secret with birthday cake (my weakness, we all have them, its how we overcome them that’s so great!)

That may be a bit much for you and you may have another idea you may want to share with us......

But for this weakened try to stop eating after you have eaten your proper portion size. I say proper portion size because if we wait till we are full you have already consumed more.

Don’t be shy share your ideas, I ‘d love to hear them!

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