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Sit back and think; Do you spend time with people who put you down, tease you for trying to change, intentionally sabotage you by bringing unhealthy foods around, those that have dreams but choose to say they are impossible…etc; After some time we start believing what we surround ourselves with which is directly determined by who we spend most of our time with, which directly influences our actions and soon becomes our reality.

The same is true of the opposite, Surround yourself with those who support and encourage you to meet your goals. And after sometime you will start believing and this will influence your actions in a positive way and become your reality!!

The people we surround ourselves with don’t always have to agree with us but should support us, they can challenge our thoughts and beliefs in a healthy way but should not sabotage us with negative ideas, judgments and/or actions that directly take us off our path of a healthier lifestyle.

Sit back and look at those you surround yourself with, do they believe in your dream or even a different dream they are passionate about? Or do they live their life "just living" Just Dreaming” “just being negative” “just passing judgment” ?

…..If you have a dream and you follow it you will have success, Surround yourself with others who have the same beliefs, goals and dreams and you will have greater success

……..each day is a stepping stone....lets take those steps together!

Sgt. Cyndi