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April 22, 2019- May 30, 2019
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Sgt. Cyndi's Xtreme Boot Camp is a high-energy, fun, motivating, dynamic, one-hour +, out door strength and conditioning class that'll charge you up, change your body, and give you a reason to live!

Builds self confidence, stamina and overall health. innovative, highly functional conditioning techniques make it fun, exciting, and a serious endorphin rush.

Its going to be a love/hate relationship

you will never forget!

Using supportive and motivational routines, I will lead you through an intense six-week outdoor fitness program designed to put you in the best shape of your life.

I will challenge you to push yourself to reach new fitness levels. I promise you’ll have fun doing it! My program has been designed with safe and effective exercises, stressing proper form, technique, and safety. I always put your health and fitness first, and will modify your workouts so that any pre-existing injuries don’t prevent you from attaining your goals now.

Next Boot Camp Starts 
April 22, 2019- May 30, 2019 


This is your pre-Boot Camp orientation.

•  Payment

•  Health history review

•  Circumference measurements 

•  Starting weight

•  Questions/concerns discussed

•  Mess log instructions

•  Body Fat (additional fee)



•  Your test results are used to help me mold your fitness routines for your individual needs. Results will also provide a base to follow as
    you progress through the program, as well as for your evaluation at the end our your 6 week fitness experience. 

•  Endurance testing
•  Strength testing

•  Flexibility 

•  Proper execution of form

•  You’ll receive your Mess Log/Survival Guide 


•  This is your six-week fitness program. 1-2 hours, three days a week, for six weeks. Each day is  a different, extreme fitness program

    designed to work your entire body.


What you’ll need

•  Positive attitude and ready to work

•  Water

•  Running shoes
•  Exercise mat
•  Weightlifting gloves (optional)
•  Layered attire for the outdoors