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• Grab half-cup low-fat Greek yogurt cut up some
   strawberries and enjoy another well-balanced
   healthy snack.


• Organic strawberry shortcake Popsicle. One and
   a half cups puréed sliced organic strawberries half
   a cup of granola with flaxseed 2 cups low-fat
   Greek vanilla yogurt. Purée strawberries. Add
   granola and flaxseed to low-fat Greek yogurt and
   mix until combined. To assemble Popsicle: use
   Dixie cups for your mold. Place one layer of
   yogurt and freeze for 30 minutes then add a
   layer of your puree’ organic strawberries and
   freeze for 30 minutes, top off with another layer
   of yogurt mixture, place popsicle stick or spoon in
   center and freeze…. If you don’t have time to
   freeze individual layers add each layer on top of
   one another and swirl with a skewer for a swirled
   Popsicle treat.  Your kids will love it too!

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