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Snippits from some of Cyndi's clients


​•  THE RESULTS!!  Mary Moore

​​•  Cyndi is one of the best trainers, I have been under.  She is very consciences about  past injuries and works with you.  Amy Babicz

•  The energy, the exercises, the motivation, the camaraderie with others; THE RESULTS! I love the challenge…Dawn Wynkoop

•  Her energy and enthusiasm and ability to get me to push myself more than I would if I trained by myself…Frank Ciani

•  Cyndi is very attentive to your personal goals, strengths, and needs, and uses this to design a work out to achieve your best results!  

    Corinne Griffin

•  I like her ability to understand the human body and designs work outs that effectively targets specific parts while emphasizing core

    strength…..Summer Costin

•  Varirty; Never the same routine…She’s the best!!! …..MM.

•  She makes me push-myself to do my best and stay  in shape…Dakota devries

•  Personal attention to my goals….george osmun

•  I like the one on one time during my training sessions. I think Cyndi is great at keeping you motivated and focused on the goal.

    Makes me feel comfortable and want to achieve my end goal…Jamie M.

•  No chance of staying in your comfort zone PERIOD!! ….Christine Dent

•  Her ability to know everyone's strengths and weaknesses is nothing short of amazing!...Christine Dent

•  Down several sizes in just a couple months…. RESULTS….. RESULTS……. RESULTS!!!.....KB

•  Works with your capabilities and pushes you out of your comfort zone gradually ….Denise Strype

•  Personalized, camaraderie, she knows what she’s doing..Vivian Durso

•  Personal attention, diverse workouts, always different and exciting. Cyndi has high expectations for clients, she recognizes their limits

    and makes adaptations. ..Holly Bacon

•  Cyndi is a compassionate person, she truly cares about her clients physical and mental well being. She knows when to push you to

    overcome a hurdle and when to take it easy. I guarantee if you listen to her, you will reach your fitness goals as long as you follow

    her instructions. Allie Thompson

•  Always seeing improvement in myself. She is one of the very few trainers I have found that is dedicated and cares about her clients.

    The results show and the compassion is there. RR




•  The ability to adjust any workout program, no matter what the fitness level….Christine Dent

•  Cyndi cares about each and every one of her clients, and shows it in any setting. She is here because she cares…I’ve been in

    training with others and it’s all about the money for them..Not with Cyndi

•  Makes me work hard….friendly interactions…definite personal interest..George Osmun

•  She’s a hard ass…she pushes me to do my personal best!...Dakota Devries

•  She’s creative and motivating.. ..she practices what she preaches….KB

•  Her overall approach…she relates to women who want to change, pushes me outside of  my comfort zone without pushing me

    away…..motivates women to succeed and make lifestyle changes. ..Summer Costin

•  She’s just a little touch of crazy!!...Corinne Griffin

•  Her distinctive ability to customize the training work load to the appropriate level for each individual and the ability to coax each

    individual to reach that level….Frank Ciani

•  Her ENERGY, MOTIVATION,  AND HER HEART! She never lets them give up!!...Dawn Wynkoop

•  Great motivator makes you feel welcomed and upbeat, she builds you up body and mind..She has a good heart! ..Amy Babicz

•  Pushes you….always happy….motivates you….Mary Moore

•  Knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and nutrition..Denise strype

•  She's good, she cares, Cyndi enjoys her job and it shows..Vivian Durso

•  Cyndi is very motivational, she challenges you to try your best/ pushes you to achieve your goals and beyond. When you train with

    Cyndi its not just exercise…you are in touch with your mind, body and spirit….Holly Bacon

•  Cyndi has a strong background in Physical Therapy as well as exercise, so she can work around physical limitations. She can provide

    post-rehabilitation and strengthening exercises for pre-existing injuries. Allie Tomson

•  Dedicated and cares about her clients, the results show and the compassion is there. Stephanie Gotthardt


•  Feel stronger…gone down sizes!!..Mary Moore

•  More self esteem is #1….a stronger body and feeling of self esteem and pride and I can do it!..Amy Babicz

•  I have gained a new lease on life, achieved fitness and weight loss goals I never thought possible and have lost 20 pounds and over

    35 inches!!!....Dawn Wynkoop  

•  I have more strength, stamina, energy, and self confidence. I feel 10-15 years younger than before I started exercising with

    Cyndi….Frank Ciani

•  I’m gaining strength and energy.. I plan on keeping it up…Corinne Griffin

•  All over physical strength, leaner physique, confidence, inspired me to really make and see changes!!!! Summer Costin

•  I have lost inches and have become more aware of my eating habits……KB

•  Strength, motivation, and confidence!..Dakota Devries

•  Improved physical condition, more energy, desire to get in better condition…George Osmun

•  I have lost over 22 inches since starting with Cyndi in Feb 2012. (4 months ago) I learned to eat better make exercising fun not

    dreadful, I now have the confidence to go away on trips and not feel guilty. I have learned how to exercise….Jamie M.

•  Inches lost, blood work came out amazing, and I’m almost out of my size 10’s they're falling off actually…Christine Dent

•  Weight loss, improved lung capacity, and controlled blood sugars..Denise strype

•  I have achieved all of my goals and have set higher goals. I like how I feel about myself and I consider myself a good role model for

    my daughters…..Vivian Durso

•  I have lost inches and I’m stronger and more fit!!

•  I personally have changed dramatically after training with Cyndi for a year and a half. I have gained core strength, better balance

    and flexibility. My body has reshaped, I’ve lost over 35 inches and 20 pounds.  When I first came to Cyndi I had back pain, I had been

    through physical therapy, and shots etc…but Cyndi has helped me become pain free by strengthening all my muscles supporting my

    back.  Allie Tomson


•  My strength has been the most improved and my confidence level of “I can do it” is awesome!! Steph G.

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