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Eating healthy while dining out, grabbing something quick on the run, or take-out is becoming a bigger challenge than ever before. When we go out to eat it becomes very difficult maintaining self-control. Weather sitting down to a quick lunch or 5-course meal at a restaurant. Navigating the menu can be very stressful for some when trying to stay on the path of a healthy life style. The juicy pictures, luscious smell and tantalizing desserts and fabulously described meals make it very difficult for anyone to maintain self-control. We open that menu with a slew of delicious choices along with pictures pulling us into the menu. All these years of working with clients, one of the most common things I hear is “I have no time to cook, and there is nothing healthy to eat out, but I have no choice between kids, work, extracurricular activities for kids and home work, its impossible” They feel they have no control over what they eat out.

But guess what you can control what you eat while dining out. You are the customer and you need to take charge! Just a few questions and requests you can transform that 600 calorie salad to a 300-400 calorie salad!


One of the main issues with eating out and weight gain is contributed to overloaded portion sizes, excess oils, no veggies or veggies only being offered as an add on, fattier meats, pasta and starchy laden meals. So don’t be coaxed and manipulated into sabotaging your nutritional and healthy goals.   

Here are some tips and strategies that will help you relax and take control when dining-out. 

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