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I decided to use today’s motivation post to honor a client who has had many obstacles (from diabetes to bony aliments) to overcome her quest for a healthier life style. I’ve known Amy for a few years and she has always felt that she was working out hard and eating healthy. Yes, she was exercising, but it was just not enough to get the results she needed. After seeing her doctor, Amy came to me in September very upset with what her doctor had to say. She asked me if I would help her. I replied, "Of course, I will, but its going to be a lot of work and I need you to be 110% in compliance with exercise and nutrition.” You see Amy had all the tools to help her meet her goals, she just didn’t know that most of them resided within her and just needed me to push her OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE with nutrition and exercise. We didn’t waste any time and immediately got to work. As of right now, Amy has dropped 6 dress sizes, 11 pounds and her body fat has decreased by 7%!! She has increased her strength and endurance, AND she is off all medications!!! Needless to say there are many other gains mentally, physically, and nutritionally.

In Amy's words "My biggest obstical was myself, not beleiving I can do it"

So to all of you who may not think you can,

I hope Amy's story inspires you to

take the first step........


Heres what Amy had to say:

Where do I begin it all started when I was diagnosed with diabetes my blood sugars were over 400, I just turned 57 in September and was given this gift for my birthday! And yes it did turn out to be a gift !I started to turn my life around with the help of Sgt.Cyndi. Before this I thought I was taking care of myself the way I should but I wasn't. I started journaling, having Sgt. Cyndi review and tweek my eating habits. I also started training three times a week with Sgt.Cyndi as opposed to two times a week. In four months time, I dropped 11 pounds, dropped my body fat down 7%!!, I dropped 6 dress sizes but most of all I am totally off all medications now! With Sgt. Cyndy's help, I will continue my journey. Words cannot express my gratefulness! I am still a work in progress and will continue for the next phase of my life! Thank you Sgt. Cyndi!! This is not over! To be cont. to episode 2!!! Lol. Life is a journey, not a destination!!