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Do as many reps as you can in the allotted time; REMEMBER form comes before speed, make sure you’ve got it right before you increase speed; but when you have it right go for it…HIIT it HARD. Try and do them back to back leaving no m ore than a 10 sec rest between each exercise…..Let me know how you do, or if you have any questions.

*Warm up 5-10 min prior to start

*Walk/Jog ¼ mile

*High Knee runs (30 sec)

*But kicks (45 sec)

*Squats (1 min)

*Jump squats (20 sec)(mod no jump, when coming out of squat lift heels off floor)

*Jumping jacks (45 sec)

*Plié squats (1 min)

*Alternating front lunges (30 sec)

*Reverse lunges (30 sec)

*Jumping Jacks (45 sec)

*Wall sit (20 sec)

*Jog ¼ mile

*Sprint ¼ mile

*Walk ¼ mile

Beginner 1 time through with possible modifications Intermediate 2 times through Advanced 3 or more time through LET ME KNOW HOW YOU DO!!!

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